Specialised Coatings division

JWR specialize in the installation of coatings with multiple purpose applications for roofing, flooring, walls and further into specialized corrosive resistance and infra-red technologies. These solutions include metal roof refurbishments, asbestos encapsulations, polyurethane and epoxy coatings, expansion joints, steel protection, concrete rehabilitation as well as wall and decorative applications. The JWR brand has left a significant mark on the roof coating market having carried out over 300 000sq of roof and asbestos refurbishments over the last 3 years with solutions carrying up to a 15-year guarantee with new modern infrared technologies. The solutions include corrosive treatments and primers that restore roofs that have rust build up due to our harsh sub Saharan weather conditions and proximity to the ocean. We have been able to restore countless roofs; extending their lifespans at a fraction of the price of replacing roof sheeting; this includes a 24-month built in maintenance contract that insures the longevity of the installations.

The JWR coatings catalogue includes installations that waterproof, create corrosive barriers in harsh industry environments, uplift and redecorate old facades and exteriors to uplift and revitalize buildings. We utilize the best solutions from the best suppliers in the industry working with the to give the best possible options and solutions to our clients.