Values & Culture

As a proudly South African brand we value our local market; supporting our countries best suppliers and service providers. Our greatest value is found in our employees who are our greatest asset; seeing it as an opportunity to empower and invest in our staff from management to our on site teams. We believe that bringing the best out of our employees will best establish our brand for future growth and sustainability.

Teamwork, integrity, innovation, the continuous pursuit of improvement and the value for each other and our clients are at the forefront of what drives the JWR Brand. We exist to empower, invest and improve.

Our core values that guide our way of life are

• We will never compromise our integrity.

• Our only product is superior customer service.

• We succeed or fail as a team.

• We relentlessly seek ways to add value.

We see our role not only in light of the opportunity to uplift and empower our own team but also with the future focus of social upliftment with the intentionality of making an impact as a brand on each sector of society as we grow and develop.

We also believe in the sustainability of not only our workmanship but of

the environment only using ‘Green’ ‘Eco friendly’ materials that have no negative impact on our surroundings. Our alignment to our suppliers and service providers culminates in the mutual pursuit of adding value and using only Low V.O.C materials. We see the future in the colour Green and what it represents in longevity and sustainability to ensure the next generations future.